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First some notes:

Over the last 39 years I gained a lot of experience on how to filter water for various problems. There is no one filter that will do everything all in one. We have filters that will solve a few problems all in one filter but not all water problems. Some waters may need two or even three filters to provide clean water on a consistent basis. When filtering water for various contaminants always do so in the most benign and simple way. For example iron can be removed from water by air injection or captive air filters. This sounds great at first, no salt or chemicals but these filters work in very narrow parameters and where they work well they plug up very quickly. After a year or so of use you may have to replace or rebuild the whole filter system. An Iron Softener will do a better job of removing dissolved iron (ferrous iron) as well as many other metals and minerals and last many years with only occasional service of the injectors and screen. Air injection iron filters will also plug the pipes in your house as oxidized iron that makes it through the filter will stick to the walls of your pipes. This will present problems in the future.

A part of a filter before and after receiving the help of a water softener supplier near Parry Sound

The two photos to the left are two good examples of how ferrous iron (dissolved iron) when changed to ferric hydroxide (visible iron) by air injection can plug the internal parts of your filter.

This plugging of the internal parts of the control valve will low pressure and filter failure.

Below are some examples of pipes clogged from air injection iron filters


Filter Systems

We can build you a system from household size to large commercial & industrial


We use the absolute best parts in our filter systems - Clack control valves, Purolite resins - NSF and ANSI certified


Water Softener

Water Healer Model: SOFT1047CL

Hard water is difficult to live with. It dries your skin, makes your hair dull and brittle, destroys bathroom and kitchen fixtures, dishwashers and hot water tanks. A good quality water softener will make a great deal of difference in everyday life in your home. The money you save on detergents, fabric softeners, razor blades, shampoos and conditioners, will pay for one of our softeners in short order. We make them in a number of sizes and also in twin alternating for cost savings in very hard water and high use.


Iron Softener

Water Healer Model: IS1047CL

We have sold an awful lot of these over the last three decades. They are unmatched for removing iron, manganese, hardness, and any other divalent ion with a molecular weight greater than sodium. (Periodic Table of Elements). In other words, they can do a lot. Maintenance is simple, salt and a monthly dose of Rescare.


In order for an Iron Softener to work effectively for a long time, it is imperative there be absolutely no contact with air.



Mixed Bed Softener

Water HealerModel: MB1047CL

This filter is a work horse. When you have a well that that has ferris iron, manganese, hardness, tannins, enough of each to make your water unpleasant, this filter can do it all in one. Employing two resins, one for metals and hardness and the other for tannins or colour removal. You end up with nice clean, clear water. Again maintenance is salt and monthly rescare. These filters should not be used with hardness over 7 gpg or with high TDS as hardness can precipitate on the resin and high TDS can create ferric chloride.


Sulphur Filter

Water Healer Model: CACAR1047CL

Simple and effective with almost zero maintenance for filtering out of your stinky sulphur water. Occasional cleaning of the injectors and injector screen. These filters will remove iron that easily oxidizes, but this can lead to plugging of the filter.  


Sometimes you need more than one filter

Some wells can present you with problems that need more than one filter to fix. We can customize for specific situations to give a filter system than can provide you with water that you will be pleased with. Most customizing can be done with our standard filters. 


Sand Filtration

Sand is very destructive to household appliances, valves, and fixtures, as well as plugging up your pipes.

We have found the system in the picture to your left works very well with little maintenance.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis for Salt Removal


The picture above shows a "Whole House Reverse Osmosis System" for filtering out high levels of Sodium, Chlorides and high TDS. We can do systems for one house or up to 10,000 gallons per day and larger if needed.

Whole House Nano Filtration system
Nano filtration is very similar to reverse osmosis as it is a membrane technologiy. The above system is taking water from a swamp and making it crystal clear and safe to drink. The above system will produce 5200 gallons of water per day in the summer. In winter when the viscosity of the incoming water thickens it produces about half of that.
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