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Systems for Tea Lakes and swamps

First some notes: The resin that removes the tannins (organic carbon) from the water is very light so it is not very good at removing sediment. Our single unit is fine for those lakes that have very light colour and very low and light suspended solids. Using this filter alone on lakes with a high suspended solids will inevitably end in premature plugging, low water pressure and system failure. The dual filter system is always preferable. Please note that the Lake Water Two Single and the Dual will not work satisfactory on Fox lake or Vernon lake in Huntsville, Brandy lake Port Carling, or Harris Lake off Hwy 124. We use other systems for these water bodies. See below swamps and bogs.

Lake Water Two Single


This system has proved itself for over 3 decades as a simple effective way to have safe, clean, and potable water for the whole house on those very light tea lakes. Consisting of our Water Healer Model: OCR/CAR1047CL and the Viqua VH200-F!0 Ultraviolet light and cartridge filter. It can easily handle a steady flow rate of 3 to 4 GPM with peaks to 6 to 8 GPM. The addition of salt, occasional changing of the cartridge filter, and the annual change of the ultraviolet light. Approximately 4 feet wide X 60 inches high X 2 feet deep.

Lake Water Two Dual Filter


The Lake Water Two Dual Filter System is very similar to the single system except for a few modifications. The first filter is the Water Healer Model: CAR1047CL followed by the Water Healer Model: OCR1047CL and a Trojan UV Max D4 Ultraviolet light. The carbon filter (CAR1047CL) removes taste, odour, and sediment, the OCR1047Cl removes colour from the tannins and the Trojan UV max D4 disinfect the water giving you clear safe potable water. No cartridge filter is used as we found over the decades it was unecessary as the two filteers provide perfect water for disinfection by the UV light.Space required is adaptable but approximately 4 feet wide, X 2 feet deep, X 60inches high. Maintenance as above, salt and annual change of UV light.

Systems for swamps, bogs, or just plain bad water


When your only choice for a supply of water is a swamp, bog, or lakes that won't respond to our normal filter system above we can put together a system that will make the water clean and safe. We have a few standard systems that have a proven track record but we must look at each on an individual basis. Give us a call!

Nano Filtration Systems
An alternative to the above system, Nano Filtration is a membrane technology like reverse osmosis. It produces super high quality water with little regular maintenance. The downside is the replacement membranes are expensive and there is no way to predict their longevity as this is an emerging technology. We should know within a couple of years when existing systems we have in the field require changing and then we can advise on their longevity.
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