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Ultra Pure Drinking Water

I started drinking distilled water when I was 19 years old and I'me 71 now. I was told way back then if I drank distilled water it would dissolve my bones and I would age way before my time. Well that didn't happen. I suffer from no aches or pains in my joints and overall I am very healthy.


They said you needed the minerals in the water you drink. Well over the many decades I have been involved with water I have seen many water analysis results and I fail to see what beneficial minerals they are talking about. Furthermore there is one fundamental fact they are ignoring, that is "All living cells on this planet take on water by the process of osmosis". From the very fine root hairs of a giant pine to you an I. The simple fact stated " The purer the water the faster you will hydrate".


The process of osmosis states that "A weak solution will permeate a cell wall towards a stronger solution via osmosis".  So if you drink highly mineralised water over a long time it will have an overall negative effect on your health. If you drink water very high in "Total Dissolve Solids" or TDS expressed in PPM (parts per million) then you will dehydrate your body. That is why you can't drink sea water as in many places in the world sea water has a TDS of over 34,000 ppm.


It is interesting to note the only way arteries in your body show up on an xray is if they are calcified.


So for me, I will continue to drink the purest water I can. Get your nutrition from your food and supplements and your hydration from pure water.


Currently, and for the past 20 years I have been drinking the purest water known to man, 18 mg/ohm super high purity water through the process of deionizing through a resin bed that removes everything and produces nothing but H20. This system is not economical for most, but the PuroTwist reverse osmosis system below is the next best thing.

I don't recommend distillers as they are costly to buy, maintain, and can cost over $0.50 per gallon in electricity. Distilled water can taste awful if used on the wrong water supply.


The Puro Twist PT4000-50 is our choice of reverse osmosis systems. They produce on a consistent basis high quality water but what makes them stand out is the ease of filter changes. As easy as changing a light bulb.


As with most RO systems, there is pre sediment and carbon filter, the RO membrane and a post carbon filter, storage tank and a separate RO faucet. Can be installed under kitchen sink or downstairs. Depending on the input water reduction of up to 98% are possible with the right pre-treatment.

We can supply Reverse Osmosis systems producing up 10,000 gallons per day

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