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Systems For Clear Water Lakes


Viqua Model: VT4-DWS

A great little system for a single tap (not included) Three stages,  prefilter sediment, second activated carbon filtration, followed by an Ultraviolet light for disinfection.

Flow rate 3.5 GPM at 30 mj/cm.

Simple installation for the do it your selfer or we can install for a fee..


Viqua Model VH200-F10

Powerful, yet compact UV disinfection system with pre-filtration designed for the average size home or cottage, for flow rates up to 9 gpm (34 lpm) @ 30 mj/cm.

Model VH200-F10

ARROS_9-IHS10_-_NEW (2).webp

                     Viqua Model Arros 9-IHS10                         

Whole Home UV Water Treatment System with Integrated


Viqua Arros 9-IHS10


Viqua Model: VH410-F20

VIQUA VH410-F20, Whole Home Integrated Pre Filtration UV

Model VH410-F20


Model Arros 15-IHS22

Viqua model: Arros 15-IHS22

This is just more elaborate and upscale models of the above cartridge filter systems. Larger filters increase the time between filter changes. Larger filters cost less than two smaller ones and will increase the ease with which water can pass through the filter because of larger filter surface area. Flow rate 12 GPM (45LPM) @ 30 mj/cm.

Notes on the above cartridge filter systems

All of the above systems are cartridge filter systems. They use filter cartridges with with a micron rating referring to its pore size. The smaller the micron rating the faster the cartridge filter will plug up giving you little or no water at your tap.

The maximum micron size as a filter for the pre treatment foe Ultraviolet light is 5 microns. How long a filter cartridge will last depends 100% on the quality of the raw water going into the system and how much water you put through it. This can flucuate radically on the same lake. A system on the east side of a lake receiving wave action of the prevailing west winds will not las as long as a system on a quiet bay on the west side of the same lake.  If you live year round on your lake or use your seasonal home a lot then consider our self cleaning system below. It will cost more up front but provide long term savings and less maintenance.


Self Cleaning Whole House Systems

Our Water Healer Model CAR1047/VH200-F10 is te best choice for the long term. It provides a very high level of filtration coupled with UV disinfection. The fully automatic activated carbon filter will filter out sediment as well as provide excellent reduction in bad taste and fishy odours. We use NSF certified activated carbon from coconut shells made right here in Canada to the highest standards. 

The VH200-F10 is a 9GPM (34lpm) Ultraviolet light with a cartridge prefilter. 

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